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What if you had the Indonesian Language Skills that would allow you to speak with locals? Book your own hotels? Order your meals? And optimize your Volunteer, Intern and Living Experience in Indonesia?

Guess what...you can!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • you have just booked your ticket to Bali and you just realized they speak Indonesian
  • you love to prepare yourself before your big trip
  • you are living in Indonesia for a while now, but still unsure how to ask for directions, know how to bargain effectively (or even worse: don't know what they are replying...)
  • you are going to Indonesia for a while and not sure how much time/ money you need to invest in learning the language
  • you're worried about your pronunciation of words
  • you love Indonesia and want to learn more about the culture and language
  • You don't have time to attend face-to-face classes, or want take private classes
  • you learn best through a nice mixture of visuals (video) and audio
  • you love learning at your own pace, with your own schedule, where ever you are (in the comfort of your own home, or more adventurous: restaurant, train or plane)

Did you say "Yes" to any of the above?

You have come to the right place!




  • Feel totally confident that you have all the language skill you need to start a conversation in Bali, Java, Lombok, Sumatera, Flores etc.
  • Introduce yourself without feeling self conscious
  • Ask for directions and understand what is being said
  • Make jokes with the new local friends you have made
  • Have the skills to Volunteer and Intern in any field, knowing a broad spectrum of related vocabulary
  • Finally speak to your landlord/ driver/ helper/ waiter and ask specifically for what you need
  • Have conversations and learn about the culture and dive into it with respect and understanding

Introducing your secret weapon....

The Indonesian Language Online Course

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